More things to ask a Lawn Care Service

Do they have a website? Check it out and look for them online are they listed on any sites like with review


Things to ask your Lawn Care company

When you hire a LAWN CARE company you should ask a few things before signing up

  • Do they have insurance? This is needed not just to protect your property but what if a lawn mower throws a rock hurts someone.
  • If they have employees do they have workmans comp insurance? If not the property owner is liable for injury
  • What is their fuel surcharge?  As fuel prices go higher some companies try to make money off a very high “surcharge” know what their fees are and if you think they are fair before signing up for lawn service.  One of my customers told me their old lawn service charged $10 a week fee when gas went up 50 cents a gallon. She said “Are they going to use 20 gallons of gas for my yard”
  • Do they have an organic choice of food/fertilize.  Chemical fertilizes are harsh and toxic and should not be walked on for 24 hours but if you look at any package of chemical fertilize they say “slow release”. How is it “safe” after 24 hours if it is slow release over 30 days?

The real cost of doing it yourself

When is it time to call a professional lawn service?

I was talking to friends about lawn care.  They told me they spend way too much time taking care of their yard:  in the spring cleaning up their yard from the damage from the winter before, down branches, leaves, trash, and so much more.

During this time the home owner had to haul their mower to the repair shop for servicing (spark plug, air filter, oil change, blade sharpen & balanced) having this done in the spring took two plus weeks.

While at the repair shop they rented a de-thatcher to thatch their lawn.

Now it’s time for the mulch.  They go to home improvement store to buy 30 bags mulch, this takes 5 trips because only 6 bags fit in their car at one time.

All this running around, weeding, and mulching takes 2.5 full days.

During the summer they mow and weed whacking every Saturday morning from start to finish takes 2.5 hours.

In late August they rented a aerator, with going to rent it, aerate the lane and return it (6 hours).

In the fall comes leaf cleanup with bagging all the leaves the cost of all those leaf bags start adding up along with all the hours filling them.

With snow around the corner they have the snowblower picked up for a tune-up. Every time it snows having to get up two hours early to clear the driveway/cars so they can go to work then after work coming home to a driveway plowed in. Parking the car on the street hoping it won’t get hit. Walking through the snow to spend the next hour “playing in the snow”.

All of this was taking over their lives and the funny part of this is they sat down and did the math.
Time Cost
spring cleanup 6 hours
Mower tune-up 2 hours $75
de-thatcher rental 6 hours $50
Mulch/weeding 20 hours $90
Mowing 25 times 62.5 hours
Aerator rental 6 hours $50
Fall Cleanup 30 bags 8 hours $12
Tune-up snow blower 1 hour $75
snow blower picked up $50
10 storms per year 20 hours
10 gallons gas per year $30
Total 131.5 hours $432
After Looking at the paper I said “WOW, that’s 3 weeks of work” then they said “It was taking over our lives and we spent more time working on the yard then enjoying it” Once they know the true cost of doing it themselves they called me and found the value of saving time. If you need help with your lawn, call me!  Will’s home