Things to ask your Lawn Care company

When you hire a LAWN CARE company you should ask a few things before signing up

  • Do they have insurance? This is needed not just to protect your property but what if a lawn mower throws a rock hurts someone.
  • If they have employees do they have workmans comp insurance? If not the property owner is liable for injury
  • What is their fuel surcharge?  As fuel prices go higher some companies try to make money off a very high “surcharge” know what their fees are and if you think they are fair before signing up for lawn service.  One of my customers told me their old lawn service charged $10 a week fee when gas went up 50 cents a gallon. She said “Are they going to use 20 gallons of gas for my yard”
  • Do they have an organic choice of food/fertilize.  Chemical fertilizes are harsh and toxic and should not be walked on for 24 hours but if you look at any package of chemical fertilize they say “slow release”. How is it “safe” after 24 hours if it is slow release over 30 days?

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